Glass sand

The sand is widely used in glass making industry and is suitable for the production of various kinds of glass, including sheet glass, container glass, glass bricks, fiberglass, foam glass or water glass.


Foundry sand

The sand is used for both mold and core manufacturing with high requirements for heat resistance. It is broadly utilized in a wide variety of other industrial and leisure activities,


Filtering sand

The sand is very well suitable for the use in water treatment plants, swimming pool filtration, drainage systems, etc., as well as for other industrial and leisure purposes (concrete products, building chemistry, blast cleaning, gardening, etc.


Building and concrete sand

Sand may be used in various branches of building industries – as a raw material for manufacture of premium concrete products and mortars.


Silica flours

Silica flours are produced by milling of silica sand in non-ferrous environment with follow-up pneumatic sorting. The content of Si02 exceeds 98 %. All sorts of silica powders are supplied in bulk condition to be loaded in tank trucks.


PR 60 clay from Provodín is sorted and standardized product as for its chemical and physical attributes. Clay is specific because of its extreme chemical purity. It is used as a raw material for ceramic and brick-making industry. It may also be used as an insulating backing layer, e.g. for disposal site. PR 60 clay is supplied in wet condition, bulk to be loaded on trucks.


Provodínské písky a.s.

Provodínské písky a.s. supplies extremely pure silica sands to wide range of customers in foundry industry, glassmaking industry as well as other specific industries.  Typical attributes are presented in the following tables. Description of particular types of sand can be found in individual material data sheets. All sands produced are delivered in wet or dry condition, bulk to be loaded on trucks or wagons. Dry sands may be packed.







About the company

The Quarzwerke Group is an independent family company with 129 years of experience in extracting, processing and refining industrial minerals

We are an important European producer of mineral raw materials. As an independent, family-run business, we have 129 years of experience with efficient processing technology and high-quality deposits of raw materials.

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